Stephanie Martin

Owner / Stylist / Bridal Specialist / Colorist

My name is Stephanie Martin and I am the owner of Mirror Mirror Hair Boutique. I first started my journey in 11th grade where I went to cosmetology in high school. I immediately fell In love with all aspects of hair and the want to make people feel confident about themselves. I then started at my first salon when I was 18, assisted for 3 years and then moved up to a stylist position. It wasn’t until third salon job that I decided to start my own business. With a lot of hard work, dedication and constant education to make myself a better stylist my dream became a reality. I specialize in all Color and Styling and have a true passion for Bridal. It gives me such joy and pleasure seeing my clients leave with smiling faces and I can’t wait to continue in this wonderful trade for years to come.


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