Caitlin Furnari

Stylist / Colorist / Bridal

When I realized my senior year of high school BOCES was an option I was very excited regular school was just not for me. As the year went on I realized how much I truly enjoyed cosmetology. The year came to an end and I was about to graduate high school I needed to make a decision for my future, I could either go to BOCES to enter their “adult program” or look into other cosmetology programs. It was that moment I realized there were other “school” options for me.

Within the next year I had started school at Aveda Institution New York. In just a short 7 months I graduated. Started my first job in a salon as a full time stylist.

Precision hair cuts and bridal styles are just a few of my favorite things. I absolutely love being a part of the brides special day. Here I am 10 years later, loving my job and what I do more than ever.